Don’t Play Doctor

With the on-slot of prescription drug companies, the opinions both liberal and conservative about their place in a persons life who is recovering from narcotic addiction or alcoholism one must remember that we are not doctors and should never advise anyone in recovery what only a medical doctor is qualified to advise.

Yes there are those in the medical profession that know much less than we would prefer on the topic of mental illness and addiction, but for the most part I don’t think as members of our 12 Step fellowships that we are the ones who should be diagnosing each other.

Many fine people in recovery must take prescribed medication in order to live productive lives. There are those too that are taking medication they may not need. In fact it may be causing more damage that good. But we are not the ones who should be advising them.

I have seen several friends in recovery relapse and even die because they followed the advice of a well meaning 12 Step member and stopped taking their medication for a mental illness.

Please, do not take it upon yourself to become someone’s doctor or psychiatrist. Leave that to the professionals.

If you are truly concerned that a friend is being misdiagnosed then suggest your friend get a second or third opinion. Please do not play doctor. You could be killing someone.

Serenity for You!

~The Monty’man


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