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Branded (We All Bare a Mark)

When people look at you what do they see? Do they see a person who is full of themselves or do they see the love and compassion of God. What brand are you wearing and who do you belong to? Do you belong to the world or do you belong to the creator? Be assured we will carry the mark of one or the other.

These are questions I have had to ask myself. We all have a mark. –But we choose what mark we have. If a man is self centered he holds the mark of selfishness. If a man is self-righteous he holds the mark of the Pharisee. If a man serves the world and not God he holds the mark of disobedience, but if a man follows the love of God he shines with the mark of God.

What does God’s mark look like.
His mark is patient, kind, long suffering, slow to anger, it does not envy, it is not prideful or seeks it’s own way. His mark does not keep a record of wrongs but indures all things. When you carry God’s mark you have the best interest of others, (even those that don’t agree with you) at heart.

What do others see in us? What do we have that they want? Are we determined to honor God and our fellows, or is it all about us?

If we choose to hold the mark of anything other than the love of our Higher Power, then we are deceived and there is no good in us.

There is only one God, but there are many marks. Which one will you choose today? What identifies you? Who do you really belong to? Something to pounder isn’t it?

A prayer.

I will live what I believe. I will walk the talk and talk the walk. I will show others the truth of who God is by my actions as well as my words. I will hold my releationship with God close and personal but never private for that would be selfish.

Today I choose to no longer belong to myself but today I turn my will and my life over to God as He understands me. Today I am branded with the mark of His love for all people. Amen

Until next time this is the Monty’man wishing God’s Perfect Serenity for You!
~The Monty’man


Walking Through the Big Book is Here. and KHLT Recovery Broadcasting has produced a line by line and page by page 34 hour audio DVD of this study of the Big Book of Alcoholics Anonymous and know you will want to get your copy as soon as possible.
We don’t believe there has ever been such a detailed and thorough workshop of the Big Book.

Travel with Chris Schroeder and Monty Meyer as they: Introduce you to the founders and participants of early AA.
Meet the men and women of AA and hear their stories that you may have never heard before.

Learn the true intentions of those who carried this spiritual message of recovery.
The reasons why AA’s success rate was so very high.
Travel back to Akron and New York and learn the difference between two.

Your eyes will be open like never before to a fellowship of the Spirit and the spirit of the fellowship.

About Chris Schroeder:

Chris Schroeder is the Director of Media for C4 Recovery Solutions. In his role with C4, he has been tasked with hosting and developing the webcast show, The Afflicted and Affected, interviewing leaders in the addictive illness field and other interesting personalities revolving around the recovery world. Chris comes into contact with those who research and apply the latest methods of treatment and those who are a force in positive change in outcomes and funding both politically and in the media.

Chris has been a host of various TV and Radio Shows. He has been active lecturing at recovery centers, correctional facilities and graduate schools over the past 17 years promoting the abstinence/12 step processes. Chris is an internationally known speaker who has a great passion for helping those afflicted with alcoholism and drug addiction. Chris has worked in management of educational facilities since 1991. Chris is a co-founder of the organization “A National Association of Recovered Alcoholics and Addicts”.
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Response to John A

Ebbie actually spoke those words on one of his speaker tapes years ago.
And as far as the God issue. if you read my post on “Other Peoples Higher Power” I would never try and force anyone into believing what I believe.
When I sponsor folks they know I am a Christian, but they have to develop their own relationship with God as they grow in understanding. I don’t try and convert anyone. that’s God’s job.
I really appricate your comment and hope you continue to read the blog.

Swerenity for You!

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