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Burdens in Recovery

In recovery as well as life in general we must recognize the difference between burdens that are right for us to bear and burdens that are wrong. We should never bear the burdens of sin or doubt, but there are some burdens placed on us by our Higher Power, which he does not intend to lift off. God wants us to roll them back on him– to literally “cast your burden,” which he has given you, “on God….” If we set out to serve God and do his work, but get out of touch with him, the sense of responsibility we feel will be overwhelming and defeating. But if we will only roll back on God the burdens he has placed on us, he will take away the immense feeling of responsibility, replacing it with an awareness and understanding of himself and his presence.
Many of us set out to do service work, and serve God with great courage and with the right motives, but with no intimate relationship with our Higher Power, they are soon defeated. We will not know what to do with our burden and that produces weariness in our lives.
So cast your burden to God. You have been bearing it all, thinking that you have to be Mr. or Ms Recovery. You need to place one end of your burden on God’s shoulder. Commit to God whatever burden he has placed on you. Don’t just cast it aside, but put it over onto him and place yourself there with it. You will see that your burden is then lightened by the sense of companionship. But you should never try to separate yourself from your burden.
Remind yourself that the entire burden you have been carrying is not for you to bear.
Daily lay those burdens at the feet of the Master with total willingness to carry your part.
Consider it all joy when you face certain trails because and know that it is in difficulty we are made strong.

Serenity for You!
~The Monty’man


A Word About Marriage

Yesterday Marsha and I celebrated 20 years of marriage.
What an incredible gift from God to be joined as one with my best friend.
The following statement is from my point of view as a follower of Jesus Christ.
Some of you may not agree but it is my conviction and what I believe is true for this recovered narcotic and alcohol addict.

In the Bible, marriage is an institution in society that is of divine origin. It is governed by the laws of God and by the regulations of the society in which one lives to the extent that they do not conflict with the laws of God. A marriage may take place in a church building, and it is certainly in order for Christians to pray and ask God’s blessing on a marriage. But a marriage is not in and of itself a religious ceremony.

Nor is marriage a private agreement between a man and a women. This idea is often used as an excuse for unchastity before marriage. The argument is made: “Although we have not been officially married, we have agreed between ourselves to be married, so actually we are already married.” This idea is contrary to the Scriptures. In the Bible a marriage always takes place according to certain norms of society and always involves other people who serve as witnesses. A marriage is an occurrence before God and before man. As a Christian I am obligated to abide by the laws of the society in which I live to the extent that they do not conflict with the laws of God.

Twenty years ago I married my best friend. She is my first and only wife.

Marsha, you are truly my one and only! I Love You!

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