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Meetings are not the solution

Just as I go to church (A healthy one) to worship and honor the Lord, and be around people who have the same Higher Power as I do. Just as I go there to fellowship and be able to freely talk and share what Jesus has done for me, you know, give away what He has freely given me. Just as I must do that for my spiritual well being and to know my Higher Power better. Well it’s the same with the meetings for me. I go to show my gratitude for the founders and the old-timers. To be there for the New-comer just as I am in church to be there for the guy or gal who is there for the first time.

I go to meetings to give away my E, S and Hope. To carry the message and to learn, learn, learn.

I no longer go to meetings to get sober as I am sober. I go to meetings to be of service to my fellow addicts and as a result I get to stay clean. And to (at times) get some things out on the table when I am going through some pain that is tearing my heart apart. I don’t go into great detail (I do that with my sponsor) but I do let my home group know how I am feeling. That’s accountability.

Just as Church, is not the solution, neither are meetings. The steps are called steps because they lead to something. They are elements which make up a solution which leads to God who in the end is the answer.

Application and Implementation
This week I will be mindful of all the elements of my recovery. The Steps, the Traditions, the Books, The newcomers, old-timers, prayer, meditation, my sponsor, and accountability
I will make the choice to follow through with the application these elements. Having done all I can to apply this solution, I will implement the answer, Trusting God and then I will know serenity.

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