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God of the living-room

OK, this is the thing. I am going to pick on the number one god in peoples lives with the exception of themselves, THE T.V. SET.
OH’ no, Monty is going to attack my TV. Yep, Your right, but know this, I speak this way because I have been there, worshiping the TV set like it was some Power to be bowed down to.
We depend a great deal on our little one eyed monster. We look to it for some of the following things……..
1. Entertainment, 2. Information, 3. Gossip, 4. Baby Sitting,
5. Relaxation, 6. Advertisement, 7. To make us feel good about ourselves,
8. Counseling, 9. Shopping, 10. Pornography, 11. Help to sleep,
12. Help to wake up, 13, Politics, 14. To escape reality. 15. To keep us company, and the list goes on and on.
And if that were not enough, we not only watch the silly thing an average of 10.5 hours a day, but we go out and purchase bigger and more powerful ones to not only spend more time watching, but now the thing is filling up 30% of our living room. It is taller than we are and wider than our family car. It’s the first thing we look to when we come home from work, and the last thing we turn off before we go to bed. It spews forth profanity, and promotes violence. It has no respect for our children and demands our loyalty over our families.
The average family spends more than 400.00 per year on the TV in one way or another, from repairs, TV guides, Pay TV and so on. Some folks even spend as much as 1000.00 a year to make the TV the main part of their Home Entertainment System.
If these facts don’t cause you to stop and make some changes, perhaps you have become what I call a “TUBE”. That is a person who is obsessed with the TV.

Application & Implementation

1. If your TV sits center stage in your living room, replace it with a TV half its size and sit it off to one side so it isn’t the center of focus, or the biggest thing in your living room.
2. If you have one of those Big Giant Monsters in your home, sell the silly thing or better yet blow it up, they are a blast to watch explode. Go out and buy a much smaller one to put in another room in your home other than the main room of activity. Take the extra money you’ll save after buying the smaller TV, and take your spouse on a cruise, or your family to Disney Land. Go back packing; donate it to your home group or something. Do something as a family.
3. Disconnect the cable and hook up your VCR or DVD player to the TV set, It makes it a little harder to just plop down and channel surf.
4. And last, don’t watch anything that you wouldn’t let your kids watch. If your kids are grown, use the same policy as if they were still at home. It all depends on how much you want your family home life to change. It won’t fix everything in your family, but it will be a healthy start.
Let God be God and not a box of foolishness.
Oh and if you really must see a show on a big screen, take your family out to see a movie once a week, it cost less than a credit card payment and it’s much more family oriented.
Serenity for You.


Beauty is the Promise of Happiness

The Monty'manI believe it was Stendhal who said “Beauty is the promise of happiness.”

Today I was reading a book called “Answers in the Heart” a daily meditation for men and women who are recovery from sexual addictions. In one of its chapters it read:

Often we are too busy or self-absorbed to notice what is beautiful in people & in the world around us. We hurry along focused on ourselves, inattentive to what really makes life worth living.

I couldn’t agree more.

The world is filled with beauty – twilight over a lake, a child’s laughter, a scene in a movie, the sun on a stone wall, a weeping willow, a lively song, our beloved’s face. If we are attentive & learn to slow down, we will see all around us signs of beauty that speak directly to us.

We do not have to go to exotic places to find beauty. It is here, in our lives, all around us. Finding it, we carry it with us & our lives are enriched. The language of beauty is the language of joy.

Application and Implementation
As I become more attentive to the beauty that is all around me, I find my life becoming happier & more deeply spiritual.

This week I will stop praying so hard for my character defects & difficulties to be removed. Instead I will rest in the fact that God has my life in His hands, if I will allow Him to carry me I can take the time to see His beauty all around me.

How can this not bring me a spirit of happiness?

This is Monty’man wishing

“Serenity For You!

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