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Clean / Sober Time Honesty

When working with our Sponsor or Spiritual Advisor honesty must be at the forefront of our commitment. One lie can lead to an unsuccessful recovery but the truth about our sobriety will lead to freedom. How long will we stifle our freedom. When we lie about our clean time we cheat God, others and our selves. We become the main contributor to our separation from God. We become guilty of premeditated suicide.


Keeping Secrets

Monty’man’s Meditorial for 4-23-13

Keeping Secrets

Many of us have been keeping secrets because we live in fear of being found out. We have been telling lies for so long that many of them have become our reality and we have hardened our hearts towards the truth. We have believed the lie that if our vail of deception was removed it would reveal a person others would consider hideous, unacceptable and unworthy. Some of us keep to ourselves, making commitments with others only to break them because if we were to get to close they might find out who we really are.
This kind of self deceit will do much to destroy any chance we have to recover from a seemingly hopeless state of mind and body. If we continue to hide behind our secrets we will begin to minimize them telling ourselves that it’s ok to smoke a little weed, take a few vicodin or just have a few sips of wine. We can even appear to others as very spiritual, joyful and content when all the while we are fighting a battle in side our spirit that was never meant to be fought with our powerless flesh.

Am I keeping secrets today about my struggles in recovery?
Am I able to quote pages from recovery literature, spiritual books or even the Bible to make myself look healthy to others so they don’t get to close?
This may work for a short while but in the long run it will kill us.

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The Only Power That’s Not Powerless

Attending meetings can be an excellent place to meet others in recovery, make new friends and get involved in service work but meeting attendance was never intended to be our program for recovery. It was merely suggested.

True recovery from a seemingly hopeless state of mind and body can only be accomplished by the work of our creator and our corporation with Him in that process.

When we look to other people for the solution to our drinking and drugging we shortchange ourselves. When we read the Twelve Steps on the wall and expect our lives to improve we deceive ourselves. There is no more power in people that are powerless than there is on a window shade spelling out the Steps.

The Twelve Steps are a tool to show us our need for the only power that is not powerless. God.

~ The Monty’man

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The Unwelcomed Inventory Taker

As we come to meet and get to know more people in our recovery circles we will invariably run into well meaning folks who insist on taking our inventory. When this happens many of us recoil as a rattle snake ready to strike. We may speak out with a knee jerk reaction such as “You are not my sponsor” or “I’m none of your business.” This is a normal response for many of us as we simply don’t like other people telling us what to do. We may have been fighting against authority all our lives or have been hurt deeply by people who may have had our best interest at heart.

One of the best ways to respond to these well meaning souls when they approach us is to politely respond with “Thank you, I will consider that.” Then before days end take a few minutes to meditate on what they said and truly consider it.  In doing this we may actually pick up some jewels of experience that we can apply into our own lives. But if we brush it off completely we may miss something of great value our creator is trying to impart to us.

We should always remember that behind the words of every unwelcomed inventory taker God may be speaking into our lives.

Have I stopped to consider what others are trying to tell me even though it may seem abrasive at the time?

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