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Choosing a Mentor

In my personal recovery I have given several people permission to speak into my life. Some are privy to delegate information about my personal life and others know me better than I know myself. These trusted folks have my best interest at heart and are men of God. They are closed mouthed individuals who have sworn a personal oath of integrity as it relates to them mentoring others.

I too mentor other men in recovery. Some would call that being a Sponsor or Spiritual Advisor. I keep their confidences close to my heart and I do not repeat what they have shared with me with anyone without their permission. I don’t even share their personal issues with my Sponsor.

Some of us are approached by people who feel that God has called them to come along side of us to be a helper in our recovery. Others we seek out on our own. Regardless of how this is done it is important to consider our mentors very carefully. It would be wise to seek God’s guidance in matters such as this.

I believe God has the right person or persons for each of us already planned out in His great sceem of things. So it just makes sense to go to Him for guidance regarding who is to work with us through the journey of recovery.

Once again we must depend on His wisdom not our own for left to our own devices we are unable to make right choices. If we do not seek God on this matter we can end up with a disaster of a relationship that does nothing more than inhibit our recovery.

Am I seeking God and not my own wishful thinking when choosing who is to be by Sponsor or Spiritual Advisor?

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Considering the Opposing Point of View

I find it interesting to note that many of us who have strong opinions on faith, politics and the like also have incredibly strong standards on matters of the heart. We tend to be loyal, loving, long suffering and helpful.
However, we also can be self righteous, self centered and intolerant when people disagree with our point of view.

It is not difficult to preach to the choir or the find people to agree with us. What is slightly more challenging is to sit for a time and listen to what folks have to say that may rub us the wrong way or be contrary to our belief system.

My point here is that many times we might be missing out on some valuable information, ideas and concepts if we shut down every time someone speaks with an opposing viewpoint. What we need to do is learn the art of eating the meat and spitting out the bones. The problem is most of us can’t tell the difference between the two.

I don’t know about you but I need my Creators guidance and direction to be able to do this. So it is imperative that I ask Him at the start of my day to help me be honest, open-minded and willing when it comes to other people’s opinions.

Can I respect other opinions as something to consider today?
Am I willing to listen and not debate?

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