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Am I negitive?

Today a friend pointed out that I might be a tad negative at times. Ouch! That stung, but my Sponsor always told me that when someone points something out about me, regardless how it makes me feel, I should simply say, “Thank you I will consider that” then, take a while and truly consider it.
Therefore I am pondering my negativity and realized that though we can say things that are perceived as negative when all the while simply making an observation; all of us can be guilty of a negative attitude. So the verdict is in. Guilty as charged.
Tonight as I reflect on my daily inventory I will ask God to show me where I have been selfish, self-centered or negative. Then I will lean on His strength to help me grow past my shortcomings. Tomorrow is another day, a new day and a wonderful way to begin a-fresh attitude.
Today I can be thankful for friends who are not afraid to point out my character defects.

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