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Disturbance Within Can Mean Something’s Right Not Wrong

You know pain is an interesting thing isn’t it.
Physical pain warns us that something is going wrong with our bodies, Emotional pain can be an indicator that something is both wrong and right in our spirit.
In recovery we have all heard that if we see something in someone else that disturbs us that it means that there is something wrong within ourselves.
I’d like to challenge that.
Though it is true that when we are condemning others for their inappropriate actions that many times we see something in them that is actually in us, Being disturbed by another’s actions doesn’t always mean there is something wrong with us.

Let me give you an example.

You know those ASPCA commercials you see on TV? I’ll bet that unless you have a stone cold heart, those commercials stir your spirit and disturb you deep within.
What about those ads that speak of the homeless and starving children in third world countries?
Or a news report about the death of a child? These things all cause a disturbance with in us that can make us angry, cry or sympathetic. Is there something wrong within us when we are disturbed by these things, On the contrary, it means there is something very right going on.

It’s what we do with that information that is right or wrong, not the disturbance within us.

Many times we see people we love being mistreated or taken advantage of. If your human and have a heart at all I hope to all hopes that this disturbs you.
This means you have compassion, empathy and a spirit of love within you.

So the next time someone tells you that because you are disturbed it’s because there’s something wrong with you, go ahead, conduct an inventory on your emotions, perhaps they are correct, but remember there are times we are disturbed because there is something very right going on not because there’s something wrong.

Serenity for You!
The Monty’man


The Poor In Spirit

“Blessed are the poor in spirit for theirs is the Kingdom of Heaven!”
Matthew Chapter 5, vs. 3
The Holy Bible

This has got to be one of my favorite verses in the Bible. I mean take a close look at this statement Jesus made… –“theirs is the Kingdom of Heaven.” One might ask, “Who are “THEY” that he is talking about?
Answer, “The poor in spirit”, and who are these poor in spirit that the Kingdom of Heaven was made for? It’s those folk that find themselves at the bottom of the pit of life. It’s those who struggle with their faith in God. It’s those who strive and strive to believe but for whatever reason find it so hard to grasp the grace of God.

In their own way despite their lack of faith, they know deep inside that God is there and loves them very deeply. When they find themselves at the bottom of the pit, at the end of a relapse, in the middle of divorce, the lose of their children, and all the other pains that strike them, chew them up and spit them out, they somehow seem to find the strength to cry out to God. Though they struggle in their ability to lean on Him, understand Him, and love Him, they still have the desire to find Him, and experience His love. These are the ones who despite their frailties refuse to give up. These are the poor in spirit. These people God speaks of are you and I, –And for us was the Kingdom of Heaven designed for.

Heaven, the place where the flow of tears and heart break stop. The completion of our healing, the reward for all who turn their will and life over to the care of God,
as He understands us regardless of our lack of faith, our spirits that are poor and weak.
Many folks will enter the Kingdom of Heaven, but it was specifically made for you and I, the poor in spirit.
Wow, what a powerful expression of God’s love for us.

Those of us who are in recovery have been through the ringer over and over again. We have felt the pain of our own destructive behavior, and have lived through the consequences. Some of us have made it and some have not. ~But the truth is, all are loved and cherished by God.

If you struggle with your faith; if you find it hard to believe; Try and remember the facts. You are blessed and God’s Kingdom was created for you. When all is said and done and we face our maker, will you enter into the place of rest designed specifically for you? Don’t miss out my friend, because the struggle we all live through day-to-day, one day at a time, will come to an end, and we will live at peace for all eternity. Ask the God of the AA founders, the God who is God; to make himself real to you. He will always come through if we will only ask.

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