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The Emphasis in Authentic Twelve Step Recovery

It’s more than 12 Step meetings, It’s even more than the 12 Steps. It’s what those Steps are trying to show us. Our need for a power in our life that can restore us to sanity not sobriety.
If meeting makers make it, then why do so many meeting makers relapse, stay drunk and even die?
The emphasis in authentic Twelve Step Recovery is unapologetically on a personal relationship with God not on each other, meetings or even service work. Having said that, if all you need to do is grow up and learn how to be a nice guy or gal, you will do just fine sitting around meetings drinking coffee and sharing about your day. On the other hand if you truly do find that when you drink or use you have little or no control of how much you take into your body, and that when your sober you can’t stay that way, then you will need a solution that only God can offer
If you’re in a fellowship that is teaching anything other than that message, you’re not in a meeting of true Twelve Steppers and you should run for the nearest exit.

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