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People Frustrated

I continually encounter people who complain about their circumstances, their unhealthy ways of living and how they would go to any length to change things if only there were a way. But I am learning that in many cases this is but the beginning of a long process of readiness God is preparing them for that will not always appear to be genuine.
In fact it can look very much like a bluff because when presented with the solution to their dilemma they flee. They don’t show up, they won’t take direction and yet they continue to do the very things that they say they are so tired of.

Because we want the best for people this can be extremely frustrating for those of us who have been there and have come out the other side, especially when these very folks have come to us asking for help but never really follow through.
Our tendency is to believe that they just don’t care.

Well, after wading through my own frustration this week with people who seemingly don’t care, I truly believe that in most cases not caring is not the issue.
They care alright, but because of their inability to move from detriment to dedicated they are trapped and stuck in their own complacency. They would gladly walk the road we offer but live in fear of the unknown and for whatever reason are blocked by the frightening reality of change.
So how can you and I be of maximum service to those paralyzed by the thought of moving forward?
I think one way is to stop trying to talk people into saving their own lives. It can’t be done. When we do this we tend to build resentments which leads us right back to our old thinking that if they would just shape up and fly right all would be well.
It’s so easy to forget that none of us fly right.
Next, people need to know that when they are truly ready to take direction we will still be there to help guide the way.

Third I thinks it’s important to ask ourselves the question:
If and when their eyes are opened what will they see?
Will they see us as frustrated, angry friends who threw up our hands in disgust and gave up on them, or will they see a friendly face that regardless of their lack of dedication to their own success we waited patiently for them to walk through the door of willingness?
If they see the latter they will experience the support and love many of us did when we were finally ready to acknowledge we weren’t ready to engage.

So, do you know people that are constantly in turmoil, complaining about their circumstances and yet don’t seem to want to take the steps so necessary to promote change? If so allow me to challenge you like God has challenged me this week.
It’s alright to walk away from the door you have opened for them, you may even find that for your own sanity you will have to close that door, but never lock it. Let them know that when they are ready they can freely walk through its arches into a new beginning where you will be their waiting with a smile on your face and open arms prepared to trudge with them on the road to joyful and fulfilling destiny.

Until next time this is the Monty’man
Wishing God’s Perfect Serenity for You.

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