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Serenity vs Happiness

“Happiness is over-rated, it’s serenity I am celebrating today. You can too. Happiness is a feeling that comes as a result of the happenings that surround us. Serenity on the other hand is something that comes to live in our hearts and spirits regardless of the happenings going on around us. In fact serenity can even overcome what’s going on inside of our minds, depression, anxiety, etc. How is this possible? Because it doesn’t belong to us, it’s God’s gift for us and it is fueled by His love and grace and not by our feelings. Sometimes it’s all I can do to hold on to the chair and hang in there. but when these times get so overwhelming that it seems like I can’t go on, I remember what the truth is. It’s different than my feelings. My feelings change with the wind, but the truth never changes and the truth is God has our back regardless of your character defects, feelings or even lack of faith. He loves us and that’s the truth!! Sometimes I just have to rest in knowing that truth and I am able to walk through yet another day”.
Serenity for You!
~The Monty’man

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