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PLEASE STOP and Watch This Short Video.  By watching you can be a part of saving a three year old little boys life. 



This is our living room. It is the largest room in our tiny home. It is overcrowded and nothing matches. But let me tell you, this room has heard the laughter of children, tasted the tears of heart break, watched broken people become whole, listened to the music of masters, protected us from the elements, heard the prayers of parents over their children, given warmth to our pets, entertained guests, given an ear to confessions and witnessed forgiveness given to its violators. This room is dedicated to the work of Jesus Christ and continues to hold memories that can never be replaced. This is indeed a room full of life. Our living room! My prayer is that you may have a room like this. First in your heart and perhaps in your home regardless how big or small your dwelling may be.

Serenity For You! 
~The Monty’Man




Hello fellow bloggers.  I am reaching out for your help.  This is a pivotal time for Take 12 Recovery Radio.  We are in need of your support in any way you feel you can help.  In order to remain on the air we need people who believe in what we do to partner with us.  Please click on the short video link I have included in this post.  Thank you so much!

~The Monty’man



Though relapse is never part of recovery until it happens, now that it has happened you can build upon it. Relapse can be somewhat like a heart attack. Depending on how you approach it you can come out stronger than you your were before it happened. It’s time to press in, talk with your sponsor, trust the process and continue your Step work. If you have not been working a rigorous 12 Step program of action, now is the time. This may just be the wake-up call you needed. Remember, you have an illness, a medical condition with a spiritual solution. Toss shame and guilt to the wind and press in to those who are the most supportive, your program and your support fellowship. You can be of great help to another by sharing your experience. Your relapse does not need to define you.

Serenity for You!

~The Monty’man

Failure is NOT...


My Husband Can’t Stop Drinking

Monty answers a letter from the wife of an alcoholic.



ISN’T IT STRANGE that a two liter of Pepsi cost .99 cents but a 16 oz. bottle cost $1.79?

ISN’T IT STRANGE that you can buy two Big Macs for $5.00 but you have to pay $3.95 for one?

ISN’T IT STRANGE that if you are offended by profanity people tell you to grow up?

ISN’T IT STRANGE that when people stay married the majority say it’s strange?

ISN’T IT STRANGE that most people are against violence but will pay to watch two guys beat each other up in a ring?

ISN’T IT STRANGE that in a country that boost of freedom of speech, speaking the truth is met with opposition?

ISN’T IT STRANGE that we take our behavioral cues from our culture and not from God, then blame God when things don’t go our way?

ISN’T IT STRANGE that we say no one is going to tell us what to do, but we are slaves to our technology and smart devices?

ISN’T IT STRANGE that we would never allow perfect strangers to come into our homes and have sex, shoot up drugs, and kill each other in our kitchens but week after week we will watch it all unfold on an big screen in our living rooms?

ISN’T IT STRANGE that people will read this and find that all these strange things seem healthy?

Don’t get all butt hurt. It’s just a question.

~The Monty’man




If you are like me you probably go through times of wondering if anyone really cares about what you have to contribute to society.  It can be a real test of our motives for doing good.

When discouragement comes knocking at my door I need to remember that God only calls me to follow the directions He has given me, not to tend to the results.  That’s His job.

Remember, He is the Father and we are His children.

I wonder if way too many times we think we are to do more than plant and water the seed.  We’re convinced the flower won’t grow unless we try and control the soil, the atmosphere, the sun, the moon and everything in between.  When all the while God is simply asking us to plant and water and that he will take care of the rest.

So our little flower grows out of the ground looking more like a weed than a rose.  What business is it of ours what it looks like?  That’s God’s creation and His alone.

So if your contribution to society is more than what God has asked you to contribute, you may be over stepping your bounds.  When this happens we tend to have expectations that turn on us because they were created out of our own ego.  On the other hand, if we will just follow the simple program of action God sets before us, keep our eyes on Him and be ready for the next task at hand, then we will be absolutely amazed at the flowers that grow up around us.

Remember, God isn’t as concerned with our abilities as He is with our availability.

So today I will ask myself, am I going to be available to follow directions and trust the outcome to God?

It really is a vital question to ask daily.

Serenity for You

~The Monty’man


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