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With no apologies and no beating around the bush, Monty, Toni and Bruce share the what, why and who of their God.  Jesus Christ is the Lord of Take 12 Recovery Radio and it is by His direction and His power that we broadcast.  Find out the reason why these three broadcasters are so bold about their testimony, their recovery and their faith in Christ.  If you are not a Christian, that’s OK, we get it, but we dare ya to tune in.  You may not agree but you can’t argue with their personal experience, strength and hope.  Closing song, “Great Is Thy Faithfulness” performed by Chris Rice.


We Need Your Help Please!

Take 12 Recovery Radio is a free service that runs completely on donations. If you feel that this work is important in addressing the nation’s number one health crisis, addiction, please consider a donation. Visit and click on the “Donate” button at the bottom of the page to help us continue to broadcast. Thank you for your consideration!
~The Monty’man CEO

Using Dreams, Forced Meetings & Coffee

This is a three topic show on Using Dreams, Forced Meetings and Coffee.
There is medical science behind using dreams that may actually demonstrate a person’s willingness to be serious about their recovery.
Then, we move over to forced meetings. You know, when a person is court ordered or given an ultimatum by a loved one that they must go to recovery meetings.
There is much controversy around this type of meeting attendance. And what about coffee? Should recovery groups be financially responsible for supplying coffee at the meetings?
Closing the show out with Jeff Bate’s song, “He Wasn’t Like Us”.
All of this and Take 12 Trivia on this episode of the world’s best recovery talk and positive music station with special guest host, Jack M.

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