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Joy and Gratitude

Sometimes we try and force gratitude on ourselves. Sometimes other people try to force it on us. But it cannot be coerced. It will not come from pretending.


From Grief to Joy

Joy cannot be rushed But God is prepared to be with us through the whole process. God comforts us in the transition from grief to Joy. Are you longing for Joy today? It will come and may actually surprise you once it arrives.


Higher Power Specific

Our 12 Step fellowships are filled with unique and wonderful members.  Some are Christian, some Muslim, Jewish, Buddhist, Agnostic, and still others have no Higher Power whatsoever.  How specific should we be when it comes to mentioning the name of our Higher Power in the rooms of our 12 Step fellowships?  Is it ever appropriate to do so? Has God become a generic term?
Closing Song: Amazing Grace by Heather Layne.


Resistance to Joy

It is a risk to make room for joy in our lives. Joy requires that we be open to the possibility of experiencing conflicting emotions. If we wait to experience joy until our anger, grief and self-condemnation are completely gone, then we will wait a long time.


Recovery in 2018 with Ryan H. He Came Back From the Dead

New Years Day Show: RECOVERY IN 2018 with special guest RYAN H. Ryan will be sharing his experience, strength & hope as he has completed his 12 month in-house recovery program. Hear his story of how he died and came back. We will also look at 5 of last year’s dumbest criminals, play Take 12 Trivia and more.
Closing Song: Standing in two Worlds by Mark Elder

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