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Do We Really Need a Sponsor?

Topic: Do We Really Need a Sponsor

The question has been asked: If you have a Big Book and you can read, why would you need a sponsor?

“Any A.A. who has not experienced the joys and satisfaction of helping another alcoholic regain his place in life has not yet fully realized the complete benefits of this fellowship.” (A.A. Sponsorship Pamphlet.)
Question: What does the A.A. Big Book reference 123 times in the first 88 pages?
Answer: Alcoholics working with other alcoholics. This specifically means two alcoholics working together, putting the A.A. Program into action.
Some members call this sponsorship, being a spiritual advisor, a mentor, a trusted friend. Whatever you choose to call one alcoholic or one addict helping another walk through the Twelve Step process, one thing is for sure, we need each other, and it is irresponsible of us to think any newcomer can walk through this process alone. Tune into this show as we discuss the question, “Are Sponsors really needed?”

Closing Song: My Life by Cameron Sprenger


Great Sober Fun COMING SOON

COMING SOON to Take 12 Recovery Radio, “CECIL SINGS”.

CECIL SINGS is a collection of iconic songs that are sure to put a smile on your face.
We know that Cecil is just a little bit weird and a bit of a mystery, but one thing is for sure, Cecil loves to sing.
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Friends & Families of Addicts


Entitled to Overcome (Solutions for Life, Today)

Why do addicts do the things that they do? Why when everything seems to be going so well do addicts relapse? Join CADC II, Dave Fleming and the Monty’man as they welcome their very special guest, Marsha Meyer, (Monty’s wife) on this episode of ENTITLED TO OVERCOME. Sharing with us from the perspective of the wife of an alcoholic, what questions did Marsha have and what was her thought process as a loved one of an active addict? ​ Closing Song: To The Light by Freebo


The Thorns of Recovery


(The Thorns of Recovery, Jordon & Brandy’s Story)

Joyful, happy, enthusiastic, motivated, responsible and energetic. These are some of the words that describe our guest this week on this episode of the Take 12 Recovery Radio Show. But this was not always the case. Long before Jordon and Brandy Thorn were married, they both lived in a world that spun out of control through their active addiction. Narcotics including heroin, a social environment that was less than healthy and a drive to move toward the dark side of life was all that consumed them. But God had plans for their lives which included the faith-based recovery program of Teen Challenge in the Pacific Northwest. Join the Monty’man for this encouraging interview that is once again evidence of God’s great redemptive power through recovery and a restored life through hard work and faith in Christ ​

Closing Song: Make Me New by After the Chase


Why Do You Stay Sober?

(Solutions for Life, Today) A Take 12 Recovery Radio Broadcast

Topic: Why do you stay sober?

After reading over 200 responses to this question, it became clear that there are as many answers to this question as there are people in recovery, but one thing most of them had in common was that people stay sober today because they don’t want to go back to the life they lived while in their active addiction. But, is there more to it than simply wanting to avoid the consequences of our actions while drunk or high? Tune into and find out as we discuss the topic on this episode of Entitled to Overcome.

Closing Song: Get Up by Shinedown


Called to Ministry, Called to Crack, and Back

(Called to Ministry, Called to Crack, and Back)

At twelve years of age our guest, Craig J. felt the call of God on his life to go into formal ministry, but through some unhealthy choices and the influence of the enemy of his soul, the call on his life was disrupted and later Craig would live out a 12-year addiction to crack cocaine. But God was determined to get Craig’s attention and after a series of events, twists and turns, our guest was directed into Teen Challenge by the prompting of the Holy Spirit and serves today as the Dean of Men for the Tucson men’s Center, part of the Teen Challenge of Arizona’s recovery ministry.

Closing Song: I Want to Live Like That
by Beth Champion Mason

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Sober Fun Anyone?


Topic: Sober Fun Anyone?

Are we having fun yet? On today’s show we are going to have fun in recovery. So, hang on tight as the Take 12 Recovery Radio family takes you on an hour of humor, fun and silliness. When we say we are not a glum lot, we mean what we say. To start out the show the Monty’man answers some hate mail to brighten up your day. Then it’s off to experience the fun that is today’s show. Closing Song: Don’t Leave by Marv Ramsey


What’s The Purpose of Our Work?

ENTITLED TO OVERCOME (Solutions for Life, Today)

Topic: What’s The Purpose of Our Work?

The world seems to say that we work so that we can have things in great abundance. Yet the Scripture says that work is connected to physical sustenance. If I look at work as something to keep me going for God’s work, then my focus is outward, on others. If I look upon work as something to gratify my wants, then focus is inward, on my own comfort. As people in recovery, we are aware that selfishness, self-centeredness is the root of all of our problems. We, therefore, need to view our work as pleasing to God, providing sustenance for us as we seek to do His will, not a gratification of our own desires. Why are you going to work today?

Closing Song: Just for Fun


In Sickness and In Silence

Topic: Special Guest, Kirsten E. Vogel.
Author of In Sickness and In Silence
(The Trials and Triumphs of My First Year as a Recovery Addict’s Mom)

She picked her son up from college as a seemingly successful freshman and exactly one week later, on December 22nd, my guest was checking her drug addicted teen into rehab. Her baby boy. Her pride. Her talented, compassionate son, who has in him what it takes to be a gift to the world, was now a drug addict.

Kristen says, “It’s been the most devastating, scary, overwhelming, anxiety-inducing, shocking, isolating time of my life.”
Don’t miss this powerful show.

Closing Song: Where is My Child Tonight?
By Steve Dan Mills.


Alcoholics ONLY

THE TAKE 12 RECOVERY RADIO SHOW (Topic: Alcoholics Only)

Some would argue that Alcoholics Anonymous is only for Alcoholics, others would say it’s all-inclusive. One thing is for sure, the opinions are as broad as the fellowship is large. There are three types of approaches to this issue. The A.A. literature, of which much has been written on the topic, the bleeding deacon approach that many times comes from what is described as the AA purist and then there are the opinions that often times have little to do with either. In this episode of the Take 12 Recovery Radio Show, we will only scratch the surface of this topic, but there is a question we should all ask ourselves and that question is not posed enough. Find out what that question is and why it’s so important. Also, Toni is back from sabbatical and Cecil has a little song for her on her first day back as our chipper cohost.

Closing Song: Closed Meeting by Michael Purington

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