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Communication 101

The Take 12 Recovery Radio Show presents,

ENTITLED TO OVERCOME (Solutions for Life, Today) with Dave Fleming and the Monty’man

ABOUT THIS SHOW: Communication is at the heart of every relationship. Everything you do in a relationship results from communication. Therefore, good speaking and listening skills are essential if healthy relationships are going to be built or restored.

How often do we place expectations on others and interpret their actions based on inferior communication?  Join Dave and the Monty’man as they begin to scratch the service of this week’s topic.

CLOSING SONG: If You Want to Be Lonely, Just Be Right All the Time by Bryan Duncan


Now You See Me, Now You Don’t

Topic: Now You See Me, Now You Don’t.

ABOUT THIS SHOW: It’s not uncommon to watch people come and go in and out of our recovery fellowship meetings. When this happens we often hear members complain and pass judgment on these individuals. Sometimes we make assumptions that we ought not to make about why these folks are in and out so often.

Join us on this episode of the Take 12 Recovery Radio Show as we discuss the topic of those who appear to play recovery tag.

Special Guest: Brandon T.

CLOSING SONG: Middle of the Herd by Michael Purington.



A Sponsor’s Heavenly Anniversary

THE TAKE 12 RECOVERY RADIO SHOW Topic: Remembering Bruce H. One Year Later.

On this day last year, the recovery community and the world said good-bye to a man who will always be remembered as one of the humblest of God’s children, Mr. Bruce H. Bruce was my sponsor for most of my days as an active member in my Twelve Step fellowship. Over the years Bruce sponsored countless men who now live free from substance abuse and many are serving God by continuing to carry the message of recovery and hope as Bruce taught them to do so very well. As you listen to this broadcast from last year, it is our hope that if you knew Bruce you will see this time as a fond reflection of a man that loved deeply, gave of himself unconditionally and served his Lord faithfully. For those of you who never met this kind man, perhaps this will give you pause to reflect on someone who Bruce reminds you of, someone you can honor by continuing to carry their legacy by serving others. So, on this one-year anniversary of Bruce going home to be with his Heavenly Father, we say, well done good and faithful servant.


7 Reasons Why Your Recovery May Be Stagnant

Topic: 7 Reasons Why Your Recovery May Be Stagnant.

ABOUT THIS SHOW: As we walk through our journey of recovery we may need to slow down and reevaluate what we are doing. We may need to slow down and be more thorough with our Step work. Perhaps we need to get off our proverbial hind end and get back to work. On this show, we look at seven major areas that may be keeping us stuck. If we are honest with ourselves, we may find that one or more of these elements are missing from our recovery plan. If this is the case, we need to ask ourselves if we are willing to rectify the problem and move forward. Our recovery and certainly our lives may depend upon it.

CLOSING SONG: Remember the Alano
by Jo E. Finga’s


5 Recovery Topics You Picked

THE TAKE 12 RECOVERY RADIO SHOW presents: Entitled to Overcome (Solutions for Life Today) with Dave Fleming & the Monty’man

ABOUT THIS SHOW: 5 Recovery Topics You Picked We asked for your ideas for a topic for this episode of Entitled to Overcome and you answered the call. We choose five topics from the collection of topics submitted. These topics address some of the most interesting issues we face in the recovery community and in Twelve Step recovery meetings. Join the Monty’man and CADC ll, Dave Fleming for this informative and important show as we unpack solutions for life today.

CLOSING SONG: Grilled Cheese by Elmer Fudd


“My Dad Was Gone & I Was Lost”

Take 12 Recovery Radio presents

Things got so bad in Rick’s marriage that to get away from Rick his wife join the military. Rick and his daughter moved in with his parents, but things got even more tragic when his young daughter and Rick’s brother found Rick’s dad after he had committed suicide. Rick became so deeply grieved and angry that his life began to unravel. What Rick didn’t foresee was the Pastor that would come into his life to be the hands, feet and heart of Jesus. This encounter would begin the process that changed Rick’s life forever. Now Rick serves as the Director of the Christian Life Ranch. Part of the network of Teen Challenge centers in Arizona.
Don’t miss one of the most powerful broadcasts we have had the pleasure to air on our station. Rick’s Victory Report.

CLOSING SONG: No Longer My Home
by Sam Allen & Son Ship

For more information about the ministry of Teen Challenge of Arizona visit


Can’t We All Just Get Along?

Topic: Can’t We All Just get Along?

ABOUT THIS SHOW: For every life controlling issue there seems to be a recovery fellowship that addresses the dysfunction surrounded around the issue. There also appears to be a Twelve Step fellowship for just about everything. You would think with all that self-improvement and recovery going on, that we would get along better than we sometimes do. Perhaps we can do better. Is it possible to drop our self-centered right fighting and get on the same page with each other?

CLOSING SONG: One Day at a Time by Joe Walsh

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