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Remembering Peter Tork

ABOUT THE SHOW: Remembering Peter Tork, The Interview
Join the Monty’man for a look into the life, music and recovery of the former Pop Star and member of the Monkees, Mr. Peter Tork. Peter shares with Monty his experience, strength and hope, his music and his insights into the world of a celebrity in recovery.


Abstinence vs Recovery

ABOUT THE SHOW: There may be some confusion between abstinence and recovery, but there really is a difference, or is there? Join the Monty’man, Toni, Marv and Denver as they proceed the show with the Weekly Whine and some great Recovery Trivia, Jeopardy Style. Listen to the show and WIN using email:

CLOSING SONG: High & Dry by Michael Purington


Bulldozer Recovery

The Take 12 Recovery Radio Show presents

ABOUT THE SHOW: Are we making recovery too easy and fluffy? Have we moved into the mode of bulldozing the obstacles of life out of the way of the newcomer in attempt to make the recovery experience less challenging? Isn’t there something to be said about allowing folks to experience the consequences of their actions?
And what about giving hardy approval to medicated assisted recovery? The marijuana maintenance program and the suboxone switch up of drug dependency?

CLOSING SONG: Winos, Whiners and Winners by Michael and the Messengers.

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