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ABOUT THIS SHOW: This week’s show starts out with an urgent request from the Monty’man. This broadcast is from the “BEST OF” Take 12 Recovery Radio 2015. The topic: OUTSIDE ISSUES. There is always a lot of chatter surrounded around this topic in our recovery fellowships. Join Sandy W., Bruce H. and the Monty’man as they unpack:

OUTSIDE ISSUES. CLOSING SONG: Outside Issues by Michael Purington Don’t forget to subscribe to our shows, follow us on PodOMatic and download the PodOMatic App for iPhones and Android or subscribe on iTunes. Visit us at


Are Addicts & Alcoholics Like Apples & Oranges?

ABOUT THE SHOW: And the argument continues, but when will we grow up and stop all the right fighting? Are Addicts and Alcoholics like apples and oranges, with the inability to be comparable in any way? Are we chasing symptoms and not focusing on the core issues? In a world that is plagued by substance use disorder can we afford to be exclusive or is getting on the same page way overdue?
Join the Monty’man and the gang for some great controversy that is guaranteed to ruffle some of your feathers, but we challenge you to be open-minded enough to consider what we are saying.

CLOSING SONG: Proud to be a Junkie by Richie Supa

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