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The Peter Pan Syndrome

The Take 12 Recovery Radio Show presents: ENTITLED TO OVERCOME (Solutions for Life Today).

ABOUT THIS SHOW: On this episode of Entitled to Overcome with CADC II, Dave Fleming and the Monty’man discuss the importance of growing up while in recovery. This can be challenging as many of us began using mind-altering substances at an early age and may be stuck at that age in many areas of our life. Also, we touch on the controversial issue of once an addict always an addict. Is that something we grow out of as we recover?

CLOSING SONG: Make a Change by Richie Supa

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ABOUT THIS SHOW: If the only requirement for membership in Alcoholics Anonymous is the desire to quit drinking can we continue to get stoned?
The controversy continues as we discuss this topic. Is it a new day in our Twelve Step fellowships, have we left our standards behind or are we meant to bend when others compromise?
CLOSING SONG: High & Dry by Michael Purington


Recovery Comedian Mike Lindsey

ABOUT THIS SHOW: Life is way too short to walk around with a sad face. Meet Recovery Comedian Mike Lindsey the founder and producer of and
Mike shares his journey from active addiction to sober comedy and the work that goes along with making people in recovery laugh and enjoy life.
CLOSING SONG: This is the Place by Michael Purington

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