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Relapse Prevention (Part 2) Tools of Prevention


When You Feel Like Giving Up

ABOUT THIS SHOW: When You Feel Like Giving Up, Get Up and Get Out. We all have times in our lives and in our recovery when we feel like quitting, like giving up and just digging a hole and crawling into it. Today’s show addresses this issue and encourages us to all practice the solution to this horrible final choice that many have made just before the miracle. If you have ever felt like life was just way more than you could handle, tune into this show for some powerful encouragement. CLOSING SONG: Get a Bigger Pan by Karen Taylor-Good.


You Can’t Fix What You Don’t Acknowledge

ABOUT THIS SHOW: This show addresses the importance of admitting our powerlessness over our addictions before we can experience a solution and recover. We must be convinced of our malady before we truly are able to surrender it to a power greater than ourselves. If we don’t acknowledge the issues in our lives as out of our control, why would we seek a power to control them? Monty also addresses Christians who wonder what their standing in Christ is after they relapse time and time again.
CLOSING SONG: One of these Days by Ben Reel.



Today’s Show: SERENITY is the topic on this episode of Radio Rehab’s Road to Redemption. 30 min of Recovery Music & Commentary with Bryan Duncan.

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