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As people in recovery we can not afford to allow worldly clamors to distract us from our relationship with God, ourselves and our families. One such clamor is the distraction of this year’s election, debates and the horrible way in which many people who claim to love God end up treating each other because of differences in political persuasion. On today’s show we ask the question: Where is our trust; Is it in God or man? Do we filter our politics and government through our faith in God or do we filter God through our politics and government? We will not tell you how to vote, nor will we disclose who we are voting for but these questions must be addressed.



Have you ever met someone who just didn’t like you and you didn’t know why? Perhaps you can think of people you don’t like and you may or may not be able to put your finger on the reason. Are there people in recovery, church or work that just drive you crazy and you hate running into them? Join Toni, Bruce and the Monty’man as they ask the question, “Is it alright to not like someone, does there have to be a reason and what is the solution? Who is the real enemy? Closing song: “My Jesus” by Todd Agnew


A Recovery Music Show

Join the Monty’man & Toni J. for an incredible show featuring some of the top recovery recording artist in the world right here on Take 12 Recovery Radio.  Each artist has been a guest on our show and has shared their music over the years with our audience.  This show features some of the best of their work, their heart and their own recovery.  This show promises to tug on your heart strings, lift you up and encourage your own recovery.


Relapse Prevention 3 Stories of Relapse

Join the Monty’man, Toni J. and Bruce H. as they take a look at the lives of three men who recently relapsed.
Each man had a particular characteristic that fueled their relapse. Two of these men had experienced long term sobriety and one had been sober longer than he had ever been before. One was incredibly smart but prideful, one was over worked and had become too busy and the other had become complacent in his recovery. All three men had something in common, but what was it? Tune in and find out what prevented these men from living in a state of recovered. Closing song: “What Price” by Recovery Recording Artist, Sonia Lee.



GREAT NEWS From Take 12 Recovery Radio & The Monty’man


Understanding Intervention Part Two Getting The Family On Board

In any intervention the family of the addict or alcoholic must be on the same page. The pre-intervention doesn’t always start off that way but can be a process that only a trained interventionist should be facilitating. There can be several obstacles that need to be overcome for the family to be an effective tool in any intervention. Parents, siblings, spouses, and children are all a part of the process but there are always key personalities that need to be at the center of every intervention. Tony and the Monty’man discuss these important elements in this Part #2 of Understanding Intervention


Addiction & Recovery In The News

Join Toni, Bruce and the Monty’man as they discuss several topics of addiction and recovery in the news. From the incredible rise in heroin overdoses, Game of Thrones heroin, drugs on the Darknet of the World Wide Web to the great news of a recovered Olympiad from Austria, a Face Book friend shares some powerful insight and even the bold move of a DCM from Alcoholics Anonymous on the convention floor. Today’s show is filled with recovery talk at its best, including political correct trivia.
Closing song: If I’d Known I’d Live This Long, I’d Taken Better Care of Myself” by Andy Anderson.

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