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Medication Assisted Treatment

ABOUT THIS SHOW: Medication Assisted Treatment. There is much controversy around the subject of using addictive medication to treat addiction. Marv and the Monty’man discuss this issue and some of its challenges. Are we simply trading illegal drugs for legal ones? Is this a cop out or is there legitimate reasons for using drugs such as Methadone and Suboxone? There is no easy answer to this topic so please send us your thoughts. Email us at
CLOSING SONG: It Ain’t Over Yet by Tommy Holmes


Truth Will Set You Free

ABOUT THIS SHOW: Co-hosts Dave and the Monty’man discuss the power that is in knowing, telling and practicing truth. As members of the recovery community, we were not always truthful in all our affairs. Sometimes we would over-elaborate on our stories and other times we would minimize. Sometimes the bondage we are in is caused by falsehood and lies. The fact is, to experience true freedom, we must come to a place where truth reigns rather than ego.
CLOSING SONG: Wide Open by Seth and the Intervention Band.
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Recovery and the Potty Mouth

ABOUT THIS SHOW: In recovery we learn to become better people in all areas of our lives. This means not only our behavior changes, but our hearts change as well. It has been said that out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks. How then can we say we follow the spiritual path of our Higher Power, when in fact what comes out of our mouth is contrary to that path and therefore displays what is truly in our hearts?
CLOSING SONG: If I Get Drunk Tonight by Jeff Bates.


Life After Treatment

Life After Treatment: Many of us need some very specialized care to enable us to hit the reset button and begin our journey back to wellness, we needed serious treatment that may have included medical detox, medical supervision and numerous other recovery services that may not have been available at our local 12 Step support meeting, church or religious organization. But what does our recovery look like after treatment? Treatment is but the beginning of our journey. Here are some tips to help us maintain a healthy and authentic recovery.
Closing Song: The Ya-But Habit by Michael Purington    



Making & Losing Friends While in Recovery

ABOUT THIS SHOW: Making & Losing Friends While in Recovery

Join the Monty’man, Denver and Marv as they discuss the making of friends while in recovery, some of their attributes and the pain of losing friends while in recovery as well. Sometimes people walk out of our lives without a word, sometimes they move away and other times they die. How do we maneuver these experiences?

CLOSING SONG: I’ll Be Your Friend by Jim Crain

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The Promises of Step Twelve

ABOUT THIS SHOW: Now available for you to download. Here is the edited version of “The Promises of Step Twelve” No commercials, no games, no trivia, no closing song, just the topic, THE PROMISES OF STEP TWELVE with Marv R. and my Sponsor, Bruce H. You can download these free right here and Listen on Apple Podcasts, iHeart Radio & Spotify as well. Simply search for “Take 12 Recovery Radio”. Or Visit our main website at and click on their icons.


Southwest Washington Recovery Coalition 2019 Recovery Forum

ABOUT THIS SHOW: In celebration of National Recovery Month, the Monty’man and cohost Denver Wolfe attend the Southwest Washington Recovery Coalition’s 2019 Recovery Forum held at Clark College in Vancouver, WA. The SWWRC supports its community by creating and holding the vision of transformational change through the sharing of resources, advocacy, education, evaluation and facilitation. During the forum, the Monty’man interviews several of the participants of the event with music by recovery recording artist, Karen Taylor Good. Visit our web site at to access us on Spotify, iHeart Radio, Apple Podcasts, WordPress, PodOmatic and more.

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