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Trying To Be All Things To All People?

Entitled to Overcome (Solutions for Life Today)
with Dave Fleming & the Monty’man

ABOUT THIS SHOW: Sometimes our lives get so busy and so filled with the expectations of others that we attempt to meet everyone’s needs. In recovery, we may say yes to every service position that comes available. In doing this we may become somewhat of a Chameleon specializing in adapting to whatever situation we are in and losing our true self in the attempt to be all things to all people. When this happens, burn out is sure to follow and we can run the risk of relapse. Our recovery fellowships just as our families are filled with unique and different folks. It is easy to become a different person when we walk into our Twelve Step meetings and an entirely different man or women once we arrive back home, our workplace or our social network. Are we trying to fit in everywhere at all times and juggle everything to please others or fulfill the unreasonable expectations we have put on ourselves?

Crossroads by Robert Leroy Johnson.
Performed by Kelly Z. of Kelly’s Lot


From Heroin to Recovery to God

THE VICTORY REPORT A Take 12 Recovery Radio Presentation (Wayne’s Victory Report)

ABOUT THIS SHOW: The Victory Report is a broadcast of Take 12 Recovery Radio featuring the men and women of Teen Challenge of Arizona sharing their experience, strength and hope as it relates to overcoming life-controlling issues such as drug and alcohol addiction, codependency and self-harm. On this episode, join Denver and the Monty’man as we welcome Wayne W. Wayne is the Dean of Men for the Christian Life Ranch located in New River, Arizona. Dean shares his story of recovery and the powerful ministry he now serves in as God directs his journey of helping others to recover.

CLOSING SONG: I Belong to You by Phil Keaggy.

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The Ask It Basket

THE TAKE 12 RECOVERY RADIO SHOW With Toni, Denver, Marv, Wes and the Monty’man

ABOUT THIS SHOW: The Ask-It Basket is an opportunity for our listeners to ask questions of our Recovery Radio team concerning issues that relate to recovery, life, the Twelve Steps and Twelve Step fellowships. Amongst the questions on this show: What about meditation? Isn’t broadcasting a radio show a break of the Eleventh Tradition? What about signing court slips in meetings? Can a person bring a gun into a Twelve Step meeting? As a Christian do you ever sponsor non-Christians? Join the gang as we respond to these questions and have some fun with the top ten complaints folks have submitted from their summer vacations.

CLOSING SONG: He Delivered Me by Justin Unger


Independent or Dependent?

THE TAKE 12 RECOVERY RADIO SHOW presents: Entitled to Overcome (Solutions for Life Today) with Dave Fleming & the Monty’man

ABOUT THIS SHOW: Independent or Dependent?

We celebrate Independents Day as a victory celebration over the freedom we now have as a country that is independent of others. Whatever your opinion is on that matter, one thing we know to be true is that we never want to become completely dependent on anyone or anything other than our God, but is there ever a healthy dependency in our journey of recovery? Is there a time to be dependent and a time to break away and become independent? What about our dependency on substances and needing the approval of others. When does independence demand that we become emotionally sober?

Closing Song: I Used to Drink by Jo E. Fingars


Inventory Takers

With Toni J., Denver W., Marv R., and the Monty’man

ABOUT THIS SHOW: The Fourth Step in most Twelve Step fellowships states that we are to, Make a searching and fearless moral inventory of ourselves. Though this Step does not suggest that we take other people’s inventory, is there ever a time when to do so would be appropriate? Is there a difference between making an observation and taking someone’s inventory? Have you ever been confronted with a harsh word from someone who was taking your inventory? Have you ever taken another person’s inventory and felt that it was the right thing to do?

Closing Song: Man On the Floor by Roy Buchanan


Resigned to Addiction, Reconciled to God

THE VICTORY REPORT (Resigned to Addiction, Reconciled to God)

At age 13 our guest used methamphetamine for the first time. In two years he was up to his neck in legal issues, Jail, Probation including committing burglaries. Every relationship was surrounded around active addiction. It appeared that there was no threat of consequence that would stop Preston form a journey of self-destruction. Though Preston promised himself he would never use a needle, after High School I.V. drug use became the delivery method for the meth he was abusing. Alienated from his family and friends and surrounded with criminal felony charges, Preston heard the testimony of a former heroin user and something began to change in his thinking. Was this the hope he would find amid his hopelessness? Join the Monty’man and Denver Wolfe for this powerful story of experience, strength and hope shared on the episode of the Victory Report. A presentation of Take 12 Recovery Radio in cooperation with Teen Challenge of Arizona.

Closing Song: All That I Am by Jim Crain, performed by Doug & Donna

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As people in recovery we can not afford to allow worldly clamors to distract us from our relationship with God, ourselves and our families. One such clamor is the distraction of this year’s election, debates and the horrible way in which many people who claim to love God end up treating each other because of differences in political persuasion. On today’s show we ask the question: Where is our trust; Is it in God or man? Do we filter our politics and government through our faith in God or do we filter God through our politics and government? We will not tell you how to vote, nor will we disclose who we are voting for but these questions must be addressed.

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