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Remembering Peter Tork

ABOUT THE SHOW: Remembering Peter Tork, The Interview
Join the Monty’man for a look into the life, music and recovery of the former Pop Star and member of the Monkees, Mr. Peter Tork. Peter shares with Monty his experience, strength and hope, his music and his insights into the world of a celebrity in recovery.


Abstinence vs Recovery

ABOUT THE SHOW: There may be some confusion between abstinence and recovery, but there really is a difference, or is there? Join the Monty’man, Toni, Marv and Denver as they proceed the show with the Weekly Whine and some great Recovery Trivia, Jeopardy Style. Listen to the show and WIN using email:

CLOSING SONG: High & Dry by Michael Purington


The Weight of a Feather

The Take 12 Recovery Radio Show presents
(Solutions for Life Today)

About The Show: THE WEIGHT OF A FEATHER (A Mother’s Journey Through the Opiate Addiction Crisis).
Author Lynda Hacker Araoz shares that time in which their son was addicted to heroin was probably the most bleak of their lives. There was chaos on the homefront—almost continually—and the battle over and over again with the treatment system that seemed to put up more obstacles than access to recovery services. Join the Monty’man and CADC ll Dave Fleming as they welcome the author of THE WEIGHT OF A FEATHER and share her story of experience strength and hope.

Closing Song: SURRENDER by Amanda Broadway
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Do We Ever Outgrow Our 12 Step Fellowship?

The question was posed to us, “Do people ever outgrow their 12 Step fellowship?” Tune into this week’s show as we discuss this hot topic for many. The fact is some people stop going to their recovery meetings for a number of reasons. Some get offended, some believe they don’t need them any longer and still others feel they have outgrown their recovery fellowship. Can leaving your 12 Step fellowship ever be the right thing to do? Don’t miss today’s show including the Monty’man’s weekly whine. CLOSING SONG: The High Cost of Low Living by Richie Supa Visit our main website at


QUIT YELLING, I CAN’T SEE MYSELF (Distractions in Recovery)

ABOUT THIS SHOW: Have you ever been yelled at until you couldn’t see straight? Those of us in recovery understand the yelling that comes from the voices of our active addiction, our self-centered egos and the worldly clamors that attempt to drown out our recovery practices. On this week’s show, we explore those things that can easily become the distractions that can pull us away from our focus on what’s truly important, our recovery program. ​

CLOSING SONG: The Middle of the Herd. Recovery Recording Artist, Michael Purington & The Messengers



Take 12 Recovery Radio presents:

ABOUT THIS SHOW: Tom was homeless, a meth addict and on a downward spiral going nowhere fast. Tom was full of shame and trapped in the delusion that there was no way out. He had nowhere to go and had not a clue of what to do until an X-con spoke the truth of recovery through Christ into his life. Shortly after that Nicky Cruz, the former leader of the New York street gang the Mau Maus also spoke into Tom’s life. What was to happen from there would change Tom’s life forever. Recovery was not just a destination for Tom, but it has been a wonderful journey. Tune in and listen to Tom’s story of experience, strength and hope. Now Tom serves others as the Public Relations Coordinator at the Tucson Men’s Induction Center, Teen Challenge of Arizona.

CLOSING SONG: Losing Control by Selfish Steam For more information about the ministry of Teen Challenge of Arizona visit


Finding Your Why. Tips to Improve Your Gratitude.

Take 12 Recovery Radio presents: ENTITLED TO OVERCOME (Solutions for Life, Today) with Dave Fleming & the Monty’man

ABOUT THIS SHOW: Gratitude refers to feeling thankfulness and appreciation for people, places and events. An attitude of gratitude can really change your life. As Willie Nelson once said, “When I started counting my blessings, my whole life turned around.” ‘Tis the season to be grateful. After all, the dictionary defines the word Thanksgiving as “the expression of gratitude.” In addition to “feeling good,” there are numerous benefits of gratitude. Join the Monty’man and Dave Fleming as they share some tips on improving our gratitude. CLOSING SONG: The Gratitude Song by Selfish Steam

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