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Have you ever met someone who just didn’t like you and you didn’t know why? Perhaps you can think of people you don’t like and you may or may not be able to put your finger on the reason. Are there people in recovery, church or work that just drive you crazy and you hate running into them? Join Toni, Bruce and the Monty’man as they ask the question, “Is it alright to not like someone, does there have to be a reason and what is the solution? Who is the real enemy? Closing song: “My Jesus” by Todd Agnew



GREAT NEWS From Take 12 Recovery Radio & The Monty’man


Addiction & Recovery In The News

Join Toni, Bruce and the Monty’man as they discuss several topics of addiction and recovery in the news. From the incredible rise in heroin overdoses, Game of Thrones heroin, drugs on the Darknet of the World Wide Web to the great news of a recovered Olympiad from Austria, a Face Book friend shares some powerful insight and even the bold move of a DCM from Alcoholics Anonymous on the convention floor. Today’s show is filled with recovery talk at its best, including political correct trivia.
Closing song: If I’d Known I’d Live This Long, I’d Taken Better Care of Myself” by Andy Anderson.



With no apologies and no beating around the bush, Monty, Toni and Bruce share the what, why and who of their God.  Jesus Christ is the Lord of Take 12 Recovery Radio and it is by His direction and His power that we broadcast.  Find out the reason why these three broadcasters are so bold about their testimony, their recovery and their faith in Christ.  If you are not a Christian, that’s OK, we get it, but we dare ya to tune in.  You may not agree but you can’t argue with their personal experience, strength and hope.  Closing song, “Great Is Thy Faithfulness” performed by Chris Rice.


Using Dreams, Forced Meetings & Coffee

This is a three topic show on Using Dreams, Forced Meetings and Coffee.
There is medical science behind using dreams that may actually demonstrate a person’s willingness to be serious about their recovery.
Then, we move over to forced meetings. You know, when a person is court ordered or given an ultimatum by a loved one that they must go to recovery meetings.
There is much controversy around this type of meeting attendance. And what about coffee? Should recovery groups be financially responsible for supplying coffee at the meetings?
Closing the show out with Jeff Bate’s song, “He Wasn’t Like Us”.
All of this and Take 12 Trivia on this episode of the world’s best recovery talk and positive music station with special guest host, Jack M.


Taking Other People’s Inventory

Is it ever alright to take other people’s inventory while in recovery?  What about judging others? What about the condemnation of others? Can we make observations of others behaviour in order to learn what not to do, or are we guilty of stepping out of bounds? Join Bruce and Monty as they welcome special guest Co-Host, Roger M. from Southern California to the show. Let’s take some inventory!


Thank You To All My Listeners and Readers

Greetings Everyone,

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Thanks so much for your loyal listenership and support.  I am an extremely blessed man to have so many friends through Take 12 Recovery Radio.

Serenity for You!

The Monty’man

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