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When Is It OK To Leave Your 12 Step Home-Group?

On occasion people may find it in their best interest to leave their 12 Step Home-Group and look for another group that is a better fit for their recovery.  Join the Monty’man, Bruce H. and our new Co-Host, Sandy W. as they ask the question: “When is it OK to leave your 12 Step Home-Group?”


Big Book Study “There is a Solution” Part Two with Chris S. and The Monty’man

“There is a Solution” (Part Two)


Losing People During Their Step Work

So often we find that during the process of working the Twelve Steps with a Sponsee they get cold feet and stop the process.
Many times this happens at the Forth Step but even more often at the Ninth Step where we go from a relationship with pen and paper to making amends to real people.  Join Monty, Marv, Bruce and Author Mike D. for this powerful show as we discuss “Losing People During Their Step Work”

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