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If I go to the heavens, you are there; If I make my bed in the depths, you are there.
Psalm 139:8
Sometimes life is hell. That’s how it feels. It feels like we have taken up residence in hell. Sometimes the darkness overwhelms us. Sometimes we hurt so much that we can’t imagine experiencing joy or peace ever again. Sometimes we seem to have ‘made our bed ‘ in a place that God has deserted, a place from which God has turned away.
But the psalmist says ‘even if I make my bed in the depths, you are there’. There are no genuinely God-forsaken places on our journey. There are no places unfamiliar to God. It is a difficult and painful journey, but our lines of support are not stretched thin. God is not at a distance. God is with us.
If God is with us, we can travel through those dark times in recovery, those times in hell. If God is with us, we can hold on through the difficult emotional and spiritual roller coaster of recovery.
No matter where I am, Lord
you are with me.
If I am up, today.
You are here.
If I am down.
You are here.
If I am very, very down.
You are still here.
If I am very, very, very, very, very down.
You are here.
Thank you.
Even in the terrible times when I am in the depths, you are there with me.
Your presence is a ray of hope
in the dark times of my recovery.
© National Association for Christian Recovery.
All rights reserved.
Serenity for You!
~The Monty’man

Taking The First Step Book



A powerful story of the loss of a beloved sister and the hope that loss brings to a world plagued by addiction.
Brad shares his painful yet beautiful story of experience, strength and hope as well as his music and passion for addiction prevention.  Learn how you can be a positive impact and proactive in your child’s life before they lose the ability to make healthy choices. 

Promoter Needed for Our Recovery Radio Station

Promoter Needed for Recovery Radio Station
Take 12 Recovery Radio and KHLT Recovery Broadcasting is the world’s oldest faith based recovery talk Internet radio station in its second decade of broadcasting.
We are looking for the right person to join our team to help promote our radio shows. We are not looking for a sales representative but someone who can communicate with the press, newspapers, magazines, treatment providers and other radio and television networks to help us get the word out that we are here and we are serious about breaking the stigma that is addiction, the number one health crisis in our nation.
We are primarly a Twelve Step based broadcast/podcast but are not limited to guest and topics that may be as effective in treating addiction.
The person we bring on board must have the following qualifications.
1.Have a marketing/promotions and public relations background of three or more years.
2.Have an appreciation of the Twelve Step process of recovery.
3.Have a healthy spiritual lifestyle with an appreciation for Biblical principles.
4.If in recovery from alcohol or narcotic addiction, a minimum of 5 years sober.
5.Have a working knowledge of the Internet, social media and good positive people skills.
SUGGESTED but not required
6.Have strong connections with other media professionals and treatmet providers.
7.Be able to create networks that promote our radio broadcast.
Because we are an all-volunteer entity we fully recognize that you may not be interested in this form of service to others, therefore we are looking for a person with an extreme passion to see people become whole through the process of recovery.
Before submitting your resume, review our website located at to familiarize yourself with our programming and core values.
If you are interested, please submit your resume to:
KHLT Recovery Broadcasting
P.O. Box 93
Albany, OR 97321

Attention: Monty Meyer/CEO
NOTE: Do Not Send Email
Submissions for this position will close on March 1, 2016


Step Two states; “Came to believe that a power greater than ourselves could restore us to sanity.” For many of us, this was difficult due to our past experiences with religion, thwarted ideas of God or even a hatred toward a supreme being of any kind. So what were we to do if we simply believed in our hearts that we could not or would not take a hold of the God idea? Was there a way to move through this Step and still connect with a power greater than ourselves or were we without hope? Some people come into the rooms of recovery with strong prejudices and yet others found it refreshing that God was in the rooms. Join Stephanie H., Bruce H. and the Monty’man as they unpack some of the meat in Step Two. Also, play Step Two Trivia for fun and for free. Ray White closes out this show with his recovery song “We’re Glad You’re Here” Please visit our PodOMatic website to get our app and download us to your smart device or on itunes. App is available for iOS and Android at


How I Became My Father… A Drunk

The Monty’man welcomes back William G. Borchert author of the most watched movie ever broadcast on television, “My Name is Bill W.” William shares an extremely personal look into his own life in his new book, “How I Became My Father… A Drunk”. This is the story of one of the world’s most beloved authors of our time. His ability to share his story with a heart for those suffering from alcoholism as well as those who love the alcoholic is remarkable. Don’t miss this powerful broadcast as Monty welcomes for a third time to the show, Mr. William G. Borchert.  Follow us at or click on the the You Tube link below.



Hurting in 2016? Be Encouraged

“We have here only five loaves of bread and two fish,” they answered. “Bring them here to me,” he said.
Matthew 14:17-18
Sometimes after reading the newspaper or watching the news on television we experience an intensely painful awareness of the enormity of the world’s problems and the hopeless inadequacy of the resources available to solve these problems. During recovery we often experience these same feelings of helplessness and inadequacy. Our personal problems seem enormous. Our resources seem incredibly limited. Part of our denial comes from our desire to avoid recognizing that our personal problems are bigger than our personal resources. We will need resources more extensive than our own to make any progress in recovery.
Fortunately, God has a long and consistent history of working with people who have limited resources. It has been God’s consistent pattern throughout the biblical record. God’s preference is to bring strength out of weakness. The abundance which God brings from a few loaves and fishes is a clear sign of the surprising resource-full-ness of God. God does not seem to be at home among the well-nourished, the resourced, the un-needy. In a reversal of all of our expectations, God comes to the needy and limited with invitations to participate in the Kingdom.
When we see how few loaves and fishes we have, we become convinced that our needs for nourishment will not be met. And we conclude that there will be nothing left over to share. But the hopelessly limited resources somehow turn into abundance when offered to God. There is enough for us and enough to share. Each day, one day at a time, God accepts our limited resources and surprises us with what can be done.
I am hungry, Lord.
I have not been getting the nourishment I need.
What I have is so limited.
A few loaves.
A few fish.
There will not be enough to go around.
I cannot imagine what use they will be
but I make my limited resources available to you.
Accept my limited resources, Lord.
I bring them to you for your blessing.
© National Association for Christian Recovery.
All rights reserved.
Serenity for You All This New Year of 2016
~The Monty’man

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